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The cover of The Thirty Five Deaths by Mason Ball
The Thirty Five Timely & Untimely Deaths Of Cumberland County

Inspired by, and including, genuine accounts made by the real Dr. John M. Bischoffberger in his medical journal between 1934 and 1941, The Thirty Five Timely and Untimely Deaths of Cumberland County weaves about them a fictional and dreamlike story of faith, community, and how we deal with life in the shadow of mortality.


John M. Bischoffberger is a Pennsylvanian doctor adrift in the relative wilds of Maine during the dying years of the great depression. Struggling with a loss of religious faith and retreating from painful memories of The Great War, John has married and set up practice in the town of Naples.


As Medical Examiner for Cumberland County, it is also John's job to investigate deaths that occur under unusual or suspicious circumstances. Yet as he goes about his work, he begins to suspect that the deaths he is called upon to document are in fact far from routine.


As the storm clouds of a new world war gather in Europe, and John's rationality slowly unravels, he must find a way to disprove what he has reluctantly come to believe, or to confirm his worst fears and take steps to end the killing spree of the three in the woods, whatever the cost.

Down & Down Went Jodie Hamilton

Missouri, the late 1800s; Jodie Hamilton is born into the new west, destined for blood and infamy. 

With a volatile preacher father, left motherless at the age of five, and suffering a traumatic injury at seven, nevertheless Joseph “Jodie” Hamilton grew into a respectful, polite young man; and yet the things he did, the brutal events that took place in October of 1906 would forever consign him to ignominy, and would scandalize and disquiet a nation. 



The Lights Will Go Out (with download)
The cover of The Lights Will Go Out by Mason Ball

A collection of three uneasy, disquieting tales (plus asides) written "in the direction" of ghost stories...

Includes audio download code 'They Who Do Not Speak' by Unsong, created from processed field recordings made at Chillingham Castle, "Britain’s Most Haunted Historic Castle."

The Invention of Mother - a story cycle or sequence rudely constructed in and around the theme of technology

Exactly where is your satnav taking you? Just what terrible gadgets lie in those three suitcases? Is time travel advisable? Is true AI possible? Can an implant help you sleep? Are your household appliances eyeing you as their next meal? Are there infinite universes? Where do art and technology collide? Is your supermarket checkout till trying to tell you something?

Will hearing aids one day be used to facilitate theft on a grand scale? Can machines smell your worth? Are remote viewers watching you through artificial lenses even now?

The cover of The Invention of Mother by Mason Ball
The Menagerie by Mason Ball

Something immense and unspeakable has happened, leaving a boy and girl wandering, lost and alone, across a yawing dusty plain. Alone that is until they happen across The Menagerie, a company of travelling circus-folk... and their birds.

But The Menagerie are not quite what they appear and hold many secrets, secrets that threaten to throw the boy and girl's futures into terrible shadow.

Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Read The Menagerie and think again.


With 17 beautiful and haunting illustrations by Jon Attfield

The Menagerie - a fairy tale (with asides)
twin peaks
Postcards from Twin Peaks by Mason Ball
Postcards from Twin Peaks

Within this book dwell mysteries deep and dark, syntactic secrets, beautiful otherness, rhyme and unreason, all springing from the singular town of TWIN PEAKS.

How does one get to Twin Peaks? Is it in the heart, or in the mind? Does the Log Lady know more than she's letting on? Is Cooper still the man he always was? What are we really to take from the tragic end of Waldo? Who is Diane? Who was Agent Jeffries? And what did Harold Smith's suicide note really mean? Answers to these questions and more you will find within these pages.


These miniature missives from that other place where "the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air," may offer keen and unthought-of insights, and pose new enquiries into the myriad mysteries that fell under Agent Cooper's scrutiny once Laura Palmer had fallen, a victim.


This is a book for Twin Peakers, backwards speakers, loggers, Black Lodgers, Special Agents, one-armed shoe salesmen, fans, fanatics and everyone in between...


For nearly fiftenn years, Benjamin Louche, host of London's infamous Double R Club, has been penning strange 'Peaksian' poems, prose and the like, much of which has been performed in front of original Twin Peaks cast members at the annual Twin Peaks UK Festival.

red velvet
Voices in the red velvet elsewhere by Mason Ball
Voices from the Red Velvet Elsewhere

Being the musings, imaginings, perverse prose and poetical diarrhoea of one Benjamin Louche, a Lynchian figment, your disreputable and aberrant host to The Double R Club and beyond…

Further Voices
Further voices in the red velvet elsewhere by Mason Ball
Further Voices from the Red Velvet Elsewhere

Being the second collection of musings, imaginings, perverse prose and poetical diarrhoea of one Benjamin Louche, a Lynchian figment, your disreputable and aberrant host to The Double R Club and beyond…

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